Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

Grapes are a special culture that has several thousand varieties. The main requirements for growing conditions are maximum sunlight and heat. In summer, grapes are planted less often than in spring or autumn. But if you take into account all the nuances, you can achieve excellent results and harvest a bountiful harvest every year. How to plant grapes with seedlings in the summer, read our article.

Is it possible to plant grapes with seedlings in summer

To be sure of getting a good harvest, it is better to plant grapes with seedlings in the summer.

Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

Advantages and disadvantages of summer landing


  1. The soil will warm up well by summer, which is important for a thermophilic vine.
  2. The planting material will be of high quality, strong and reliable.
  3. In summer, the possibility of frost is excluded.
  4. Until autumn, the young shrub will get stronger, grow roots and green mass and, therefore, will more easily endure the winter.


  1. During the daytime, the earth overheats.
  2. In excessively dry soil, the rooting process of young seedlings slows down.
  3. The bright sun can cause young leaves to burn.

All these problems are of a climatic nature and can be easily solved.

Attention! A seedling suitable for planting has strong, dense buds that do not crumble when touched.

Landing dates

Each plant has its own term. The quality of the crop depends on this.

Auspicious days

The most favorable days for planting grape seedlings are late June - early July. At this time, the soil is warmed up to + 20 ... + 25 ° C. Cuttings already have 5-6 developed buds. This ensures quick survival.

To make grapes happy with a good harvest, gardeners recommend referring to the lunar planting calendar, which clearly shows when it is safe and profitable to start activities.

Each culture has its own rhythm. A plant planted at the wrong time begins to wither and ache, bears little fruit.

Auspicious days for planting grapes in 2020:

  • in June: 23, 28-30;
  • in July: 1, 4, 6, 10, 14-15.

In order for young grapes to take root in 2021, you must familiarize yourself with the timing in advance:

  • in June: 16, 21-25, 29-30;
  • in July: 11-14.

Landing scheme

When planting grape bushes, it is important to maintain a distance, otherwise the seedlings will not be able to grow fruitfully and will interfere with each other.

Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

Distance, landing depth, favorable neighborhood

In order to get a good harvest every year, some rules are observed:

  1. The distance between the rows should be 3 m, between the bushes - at least 2 m. This is enough for the normal growth and fruiting of each bush.
  2. It is necessary to plant a seedling at a depth of 30 cm.
  3. The vineyard should be planted with grapes only. Growing other crops nearby complicates the growth and development of berries.

Mandatory conditions when choosing a land:

  1. The presence of a deep layer with drainage.
  2. pH not higher than 7.
  3. The soil is loose, breathable.

It is necessary to choose a plant variety depending on the region of residence.

Selecting and preparing a landing site

Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

It is advisable to plant grape seedlings immediately in a permanent place. Since this thermophilic plant does not tolerate temperature changes, it is located where it will be protected from wind and cold.

Experienced gardeners recommend placing shrubs near the walls of the building.Due to the fact that houses are warmed up by the sun during the day, this allows them to give off excess heat to the vineyard at night.

Selection and preparation of seedlings

You should not buy seedlings in spontaneous markets. It is best to buy from experienced gardeners or specialized stores.

Cuttings are carefully examined for signs of disease and pest damage, paying great attention to the buds and root system. They must be free of mechanical damage and have at least 5 developed kidneys.

Before planting, grape seedlings are prepared. This is done 2 days before disembarking at a permanent place.

First, they check the condition of the seedlings, look at the color of the cut of the vine. It should be light green. Then the roots are shortened to 15 cm so that they branch well and do not rise up when planting. They should point downward. The roots are soaked for a day in ordinary water and for a day in a growth stimulator.

Reference. Bee honey is one of the best organic stimulants. Before planting, it is recommended to soak the roots in a honey solution: 1 tbsp. l. honey per 10 liters of water.

How to plant correctly

When planting plants, use the following tools:

  1. Bayonet shovel for digging holes.
  2. Bucket.
  3. Drainage tube with a diameter of 8-10 cm.
  4. A hoe for loosening the soil.

Step-by-step landing instructions

It is useful for inexperienced gardeners to familiarize themselves with the sequence of work:

  1. Prepare seedling pits a few days before the planned planting.
  2. Dig a hole 70 × 70 × 70 cm. Fill it with nutrients. Mix 1 bucket of humus, 1 bucket of sand, 1 liter of wood ash from a fruit tree. Fill the pit halfway, pour 2 buckets of water. Once absorbed, begin planting.
  3. Form an earthen mound in the pit.
  4. Place the seedling and spread the roots, tamp the hill a little.
  5. Sprinkle with soil without fertilizer to avoid scalding the roots.
  6. Seal and pour over with clean water.

Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes beginner growers make:

  1. Very shallow planting of a seedling in the ground.
  2. Frequent watering and moistening of the soil around the young seedling.
  3. Rarely carrying out preventive treatments for diseases and pests.

The first 2 years are spent only on the formation of a grape bush. The crop is obtained in the 3rd year of the plant's life.

Care after landing

Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

Until complete rooting, which usually takes up to 1.5 months, care for seedlings is watering and protection from the bright sun.

For summer planting, it is necessary to deliver water directly to the roots. To do this, a drainage tube is installed in the hole, through which it is convenient to both water and fertilize.

The grapes are moistened once every 3-4 weeks at the rate of 4-5 buckets of water per 1 bush. The first top dressing do in the second year. Since autumn, 1 bucket of rotted cow dung is poured under each bush, 200 g of wood ash is poured and everything is slightly dripped.

Reference. Spraying with wood ash infusion will help add sweetness to the fruit.

A trellis is installed as a support and to control the direction of growth. At the end of August, it is recommended to trim the tops of the shoots, this will help the vines to ripen in winter.

Tips from experienced winegrowers

When growing vines, all novice gardeners face certain difficulties.

The advice of experienced winegrowers will help to cope with them:

  1. The vines are shaded from direct sunlight to avoid leaf burns.
  2. Cover with spunbond, agrospan at night.
  3. For mulching the soil, straw is used. It retains moisture well, the soil under it does not dry out and does not crack. The roots breathe and develop better. Straw decays over time, turning into top dressing for grape bushes.
  4. Fruiting period is 15-20 years. During this period, unnecessary shoots are removed regularly. If neglected pruning, the plant will direct all its forces to growing a new vine, and not to fruiting.


Any novice winegrower can grow a high-quality and rich harvest.At the same time, it is important to follow all the recommendations of experienced gardeners, paying special attention to the variety and constantly improving the experience in caring for and growing the plant.

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