The section is dedicated to shrubs such as currants, honeysuckle, raspberries, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, viburnum.

Gooseberry compatibility with currants and other crops in the garden

Gooseberry (lat.Ribes uva-crispa) is not a capricious plant, but in order to increase yields, it is important to choose a suitable environment for it. Experienced gardeners know that closeness to certain cultures contributes to their correct and ...

How to properly prune green young shoots of grapes in summer: a diagram and step-by-step instructions

The main pruning operations are carried out in early spring and late autumn, but the shrub is formed throughout the summer. To do this, remove the extra shoots. The procedure for the plant is safe and positive ...

What is the calorie content of grapes, and how is it good for health

Grapes are a popular and healthy berry. It is sold all year round - the bunches are imported from Turkey, Greece and Egypt, where the plant bears fruit all year round. According to nutritionists, ripe grapes contain a lot ...

A guide to propagating grapes with green cuttings in summer

To expand the area of ​​the vineyard, as well as to renew the old favorite varieties, there is a way of propagating grapes with green cuttings. This simple and common method is easy to learn even for novice growers. It is important to follow the procedure correctly, ...

Features of caring for honeysuckle after harvest in July

Honeysuckle belongs to spring crops, as its fruits ripen in late May or early June. After harvesting, most gardeners stop paying attention to shrubs in summer and autumn ...

Overview of the Violet early grape variety and features of its cultivation

Violet early grapes are valued by winegrowers for their resistance to frost, unpretentiousness, compactness and excellent taste of berries. The proportion of juice during extraction is 85%. Grapes are used for making wine and raisins, fresh consumption, ...

How and how to treat gooseberries from scab: the most effective methods of combating the disease

A disease called scab often affects gooseberries. Fungal spores are small in size and easily carried by the wind, so protecting the plant is very difficult. How to treat gooseberries from scab and what preventive measures will help ...

How, when and how to process gooseberries from caterpillars, if there are already berries

Gooseberry is a delicious berry that is eaten fresh or used for preservation. But in order to harvest a rich harvest at the end of the season, you need to make sure that the plant does not get sick and ...

How to properly use powdery mildew soda on gooseberries: recipes and processing recommendations

High humidity and high air temperature favor the appearance of one of the most common and dangerous diseases on gooseberries called powdery mildew. It is characterized by a light bloom with drops of liquid on the foliage ...

Summer Blackberry Care Guide for a Great Harvest

Housewives prepare cakes, jams, preserves, jellies, smoothies and pies from ripe garden blackberries. Delicious and beautiful berries look appetizing on the festive table, they are rich in vitamins and microelements. Every year everything ...