The section is dedicated to shrubs such as currants, honeysuckle, raspberries, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, viburnum.

How to properly prune blackberries in the summer: instructions and diagrams

Pruning blackberries is not a pleasant experience. But without performing this procedure, the gardener runs the risk of being left without healthy shrubs and crops. Pruning is carried out in the summer after the end of fruiting. Schemes and recommendations are proposed ...

When to harvest honeysuckle, how best to sort and process it

Honeysuckle is a very tasty and healthy berry, rich in vitamins and microelements. At first glance, it may seem that harvesting is a long and difficult process, but this is not so, if you know ...

A pest dangerous for the crop - gooseberry sawfly and methods of effective control of it

The sawfly is the most harmful insect that can reduce the yield by 95% not only for gooseberries, but also for currants. The danger is represented by pale-footed and yellow gooseberry sawflies. When detecting the first signs of their vital activity, it is important ...

What is dangerous for aphids on gooseberries and how to effectively deal with it

As soon as signs of aphid vital activity appeared on the gooseberry, you need to immediately start the fight. It belongs to a fertile insect, the larvae of which constantly suck the juices from the plant, actively reproduce, and become carriers of infections. Aphids ...

When and how to propagate rose hips by cuttings in summer correctly

Rosehip, which combines beauty and benefit, has become a very popular plant in home gardening. To increase the population of culture, summer residents resort to different methods of its reproduction. However, practice has shown that the most ...

How to find out why sea buckthorn leaves turn yellow in summer and eliminate the cause of the problem

The yellowing of the leaves of sea buckthorn in summer is a problem that gardeners often face. Timely identification and relief of the cause will help return the shrub to a healthy state. Why do sea buckthorn leaves turn yellow in summer?

A step-by-step guide to pruning grapes in summer for beginner growers

Pruning is an important part of grape care. Not only the appearance of the plant depends on it, but also the quality of the crop. If you do not prune in summer, nutrients will be directed ...

What is currant anthracnose and how to deal with this disease

A competent gardener regularly inspects his property in order to notice the appearance of diseases or pests in time. The detection of dark or red spots on currant leaves, similar to ulcers, indicates an infection of the shrubs with anthracnose. To ...

Medicinal properties and contraindications of raspberry leaves for women

Raspberry leaves are rarely used for treatment. Most of all, fresh berries, raspberry jam are used - not only as a dessert, but also for the prevention of diseases. From the article you will learn about ...

Why do gooseberry berries rot on a bush and what to do about it

Gray mold and powdery mildew are the most common fungal diseases in gooseberries. With gray rot, dry gray-brown spots appear on the stems, which spread over the entire surface of the berries, and the stalk becomes covered with fluff ...