The best ways to treat eggplant diseases: photo and description

Eggplant diseases, like attacks by insect pests, can kill plants and leave hosts without crops. To effectively cope with diseases, you need to know their first signs and methods of treatment. Also not worth it ...

What is a corn dryer, how it works and how to make it yourself

Corn continues to be in demand on the world market, despite the drop in purchase prices. But there is one important nuance - the moisture content of the harvested grain is 35-40%. And long-term storage requires an indicator of 15% ...

Finding out why basil turns yellow and eliminating the problem effectively

Basil is an aromatic spice that is a must-have in many Italian dishes. It is combined with meat and vegetables, it is even added to desserts and sugary drinks. Grow this herb in ...

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

The quality of the crop depends on the correct care of the plantings. For example, violation of agronomic practices leads to cracking of carrots. Often the root crop bursts from abundant watering, but there are other reasons for this phenomenon. ...

Benefits, harm, composition and use of cabbage brine

Cabbage is a proven ingredient in traditional medicines and cosmetics. The same can be said for cabbage brine. Sour and refreshing white-transparent liquid is rich in vitamins and microelements, helps in the fight against diseases ...

Reasons why carrots are soft in the ground and what to do about it

The opinion that carrots are unpretentious in care, are not susceptible to diseases and pest attacks, is wrong. Often, gardeners are faced with a problem when root crops lose their hardness and rot right in the ground. Its elimination is possible ...

How to make a potato digger with your own hands: step-by-step instructions from A to Z

A quick potato harvest is important not only for farmers, but also for owners of personal plots. To speed up the energy-consuming process, many gardeners have mastered a universal attachment - a potato digger, made on their own. Factory ...

What is a corn plow and how to make it yourself

Corn cobs cannot be stored for long. After harvesting, it is important to process them as quickly as possible. Peeling large volumes of corn by hand is a tiring and repetitive task. To speed up the process and save energy, use ...

How are hedgehogs for weeding potatoes made and why are they needed

The correctness and regularity of weeding the potatoes directly determines which tubers will ripen and whether the harvest will be rich. Every season, many gardeners use hedgehogs to weed potatoes, thereby preserving their ...

What to do if the potato bursts and cracks in the ground, why does this happen

Sometimes, when harvesting, gardeners notice that individual potato tubers are deformed and look unattractive. There are many reasons for this phenomenon - from non-compliance with the conditions of agricultural technology to crop diseases. Let's take a closer look at why potatoes ...


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